Fix stuttering Bluetooth audio on your MacBook Pro with Sierra

This tip from OS X daily fixed a problem that has been plaguing me for ages with my MacBook Pro and Bose bluetooth headphones – stuttering audio.

Simple, simple fix … hold down Shift and Option, click the Bluetooth menu, select the “Debug” popout menu and then “Reset the Bluetooth module” option.

It disconnects all Bluetooth devices but they reconnect a second later, and bingo — flawless Bluetooth audio.

25 Replies to “Fix stuttering Bluetooth audio on your MacBook Pro with Sierra”

  1. i have tried everything, reseting prom eprom, reseting bluetooth, changing bitrate, everything i could find on support…some of it worked but only short term…after an hour stutter came back

    the solution was: go to a store and buy USB bluetooth dongle (i bought the smallest i could find for 8$), plug it in and macbook automaticly shuts down onboard bluetooth and uses the new usb, after that music plays perfectly without any stutters at all!

  2. Same problem here. Seems not te be fixed when just resetting like mentioned above. What USB key did you buy dunster? i like to permanent solve this issue two.

    my setup:
    macbook pro med 2012 (non retina)
    High Sierra version 10.13.3

  3. Same issue. I have tried everything. I notice when I do an SMC reset, it works great for an hour or so, and then it’s back to choppy audio. So annoying.

  4. This does not work. I have no other bluetooth devices connected. My Shure BT buds still stutter. But only on my MBpro.

  5. The reset doesn’t help.
    @Martin – I also have this problem with my Shure BT buds. Don’t experience this with my Jaybird X3s though. Did you happen to solve this somehow? Did High Sierra help maybe?

  6. Sadly, no. My Shure BT buds work perfectly with my iPhone 6s+ but on my 2015 Mac Pro, running High Sierra, the stuttering continues.

  7. Brilliant! Totally worked. I always seem to forget the power of those alternate contextual menus. Many thanks

  8. @dunster_ thank you for advice, I did the same, spent about 12 bucks on amazon for auxiliary USB bluetooth, when I plugged it in, problem fixed!!

  9. This will 100% do the trick: open Terminal and enter

    sudo pkill coreaudiod

    Mind that a lot of pages propose to use the “killall” command which didn’t help.

  10. Hi all, it just worked for me just by unchecking the “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your icloud devices” from system preferences / general. cheers

  11. Great fix! Thank you it worked, I’m using Mojave followed the simple steps and fixed my “choppy” issue.

  12. Ok, none of the above worked for me, but I found an odd way to stop it.

    While the bluetooth headsets are connected, keep the ‘System Preferences -> Sound -> Input’ window open on the system. It has to be on the ‘Input’ tab. As long as this window is open, the issue does not happen. If the window is closed then the issue can happen again. It is a strange workaround, but it works. To me it actually proves it is a bug in mac.

  13. This didn’t work. What did work was disconnecting my “magic mouse” and any other bluetooth device. Thanks Apple, never had this issue on any other computer before.

  14. After suffering this problem for a while I eventually noticed the mouse movement also stuttered when the Audio stuttered. After disconnecting the audio and paying really close attention I can see the mouse is basically always stuttering it’s just you can hardly notice. So basically Macbook Pro 2013 has a massively defective Bluetooth.

  15. Nothing worked until I realized that I didn’t have issues until I started closing the lid on my MBP a few days ago (It’s connected to three monitors). Opened the lid and haven’t had an issues since.

  16. This didn’t work for me but resetting the PRAM worked. If you’re on the same boat, shutdown your Mac completely. `Hold down command + option + p + r + power button, your mac will turn on and off, then on again. Release the keys upon the sound of the second chimney.

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