Video of the Vancouver riot kiss couple

Ahhh… very interesting. Like everyone else, I love that amazing picture by Getty Images photographer Rich Lam of the couple kissing in the middle of the riot in Vancouver, but there are so many theories about whether the picture was posed; whether the couple was doing some new form of planking (or perhaps a much older form), etc…

This amateur video from a balcony overlooking the Vancouver riot lets you see what really happened.

Even though the video makes clear that the girl was knocked down roughly and the guy was comforting her (and he gave her a quick kiss too, by his own account), it’s obvious from the video that it was a bona fide moment, not something staged.

The picture itself is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen — both in the evocative emotions it captured and the framing and technical photography. Just stunning.

It also warms the cockles of my heart to know that the guy is Australian Scott Jones, with his Vancouver girlfriend, Alexandra Thomas. His dad, Brett Jones, posted on Facebook, “That’s my son! How’s that for making love, not war!”

Just awesome.