Self service dog wash in inner west Sydney!

machineI can’t believe this isn’t mentioned on the internet -anywhere- that I can find. (Edit: the owner of the dog wash has got in touch and let me know about his new website – We discovered it just by driving past – a self service dog wash for $10 per dog (which buys 10 minutes’ usage). It works much like the self-service car washes, with the dial that lets you flip from shampoo, to rinse, to conditioner, to flea wash, to hairdryer. According to the sign it was a “K9000” dog wash.

laundromutt017It’s at Zoom Carwash at 289 Liverpool Road in Strathfield (which in itself seems absolutely impossible to find in Google by searching on its name — the owners of this particular carwash do not seem to have discovered the internet for marketing). The dog wash is on the right hand side of the yard — where the red circle on this Google Streeview picture is (evidently it’s a recent addition because it wasn’t there when the Street View car went past.) It’s coin operated (also takes $5 or $10 notes).

I’m really happy about this, because our dogs hate the cold water from the garden hose (they let out a sort of blood-curdling howl when we try to wash them with it) and washing them with buckets of warm water carried from the kitchen means we wash them less often than we’d like to, because it’s a bit of a hassle.




7 Replies to “Self service dog wash in inner west Sydney!”

  1. I used this dogomatic ad soon as I read your comments. What a find. It’s a gem. My dog gets an ace clean for $10 and my car for not much more at the same time. Can’t rate this more highly. I’m loathe to do dog groomers out of a job but I simply can’t afford $50 a time.

  2. Hi Kris!! Nice of you to check in. Believe it or not, while you were writing your comment, my wife and I were at the Strathfield Laundromutt dog wash, washing Wags and George!! Great to see you have a website now — I will link it in the body of the post. Hope business is booming for you!

  3. Hi danwarne, yeh things are looking pretty good now that the self serve machines were on better homes and gardens, on the harrys practice section. Its just public awareness, That would be awesome if you could link it for me Thanks Kris,

  4. Awesome! I didn’t know that there is a Self service dog wash in inner west Sydney. I’ll definitely visit this place with my dog one of these days. Thanks for the info!

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