HOW TO: plug a compact flash card into the MacBook Pro SD card slot

Like other MacBook Pro owners, I find Apple’s choice of SD card slot for their sole card reader in the MacBook Pro annoying — basically all Digital SLR cameras except for the dinky low-end ones still use the larger Compact Flash cards. As a result, I still have to dig out a USB card reader every time I want to download pics from my D700.


It occurred to me today, though, that since SD cards are smaller than CF cards, perhaps someone has made an SD-to-CF adaptor. Lo and behold, a little Google searching turned up several immediately.

FACFSD2However, it’s not quite as simple as clicking ‘buy’. The ones on the market at present are either Type II (which are 5mm thick, rather than the 3.3mm of Type I, and therefore not compatible with my D700, which only supports Type I), or are Type 1 cards in thickness, but generally have the SD card poking out the back of the card a bit (e.g. 16mm) so in most cases, the camera door won’t shut over it — not really an option for me.

There’s a good article on SD-to-CF adaptors at CameraHacker, and a thread on Whirlpool about it, but no sign of a Type I SD-to-CF card adaptor to fit in my D700, disappointingly.

Anyone seen one that will?


4 Replies to “HOW TO: plug a compact flash card into the MacBook Pro SD card slot”

  1. Something like that Julian, although that one goes into the ExpressCard slot whereas I'm talking about the newer MacBook Pros that have had their ExpressCard slot replaced with an SD slot.

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