Why do I get a second Firefox dock icon?

One thing that really annoys me about Firefox on Mac OS X is the way it spawns a second dock icon for itself after it applies any sort of update to itself (including plugin updates).

Here’s a screenshot of the offender in action (I removed some icons from the middle of the dock to make it easier to see:


For those of you who might assume I am a moron, no, I don’t have two copies of Firefox, and no, I am not running one copy of Firefox from a DMG or anything like that.

Nobody on the web seems to have found a solution for it yet — as far as I can tell from Googling. There are several bugs on Mozilla’s Bugzilla system related to it, and the main one seems to be bug 432520, which is unfortunately not yet assigned to a developer for resolution.

One of the big problems has been that nobody’s been able to define a clear set of steps to reproduce the problem. I believe the second dock icon appears after Firefox auto-updates an extension at startup time, and then silently restarts itself to allow the extension update to take effect. However, it’s difficult to test because the hypothesis requires an updated extension to be available — which only happens every now-and-again.

Anyone else got ideas?


3 Replies to “Why do I get a second Firefox dock icon?”

  1. I use the QuickRestart add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/…. Any time I restart Firefox using that, I get the second icon. I get them other times too, but I know I can reproduce the problem with a restart in that method. And you're right, it is annoying and seems to be off the radar for Mozilla. Still, Firefox is better than IE!

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