NAB finally gets iPhone / Blackberry internet banking

Well, to be precise, it’s iPhone / Blackberry / Nokia internet banking — they’re the platforms that NAB has tested with (but NAB says “not all models” … only more recent ones, as older models have less capable web browsers.)

You just have to go to in your mobile phone web browser and you’ll find the link for internet banking. NAB has also created an iPhone icon on its webserver, so if you add it to your homescreen, you get a neatly formatted NAB logo button. (They’re not making an iPhone app available though, because they have designed the site to be handset agnostic.)

Hit the more link for screenshots and more of my ranting…

Considering Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, St George and any number of other banks have had mobile phone browser internet banking for months — or years in some cases, NAB has been very slow coming to the party. Of course it has had its “SMS banking” for some time, but when I tried that for several months, I found it unreliable and buggy – especially when dealing with jointly owned bank accounts — and the phone tech support staff didn’t know how to support it or troubleshoot it properly. Perhaps it has improved since then.

NAB is a funny beast — it has dowdy, inefficient customer service; it’s branches have pen-wielding clerks with desks that have piles of paper and customer loan applications on them. Compared to the swish interiors and streamlined, computerised offices of ANZ, with the numbered queuing system that lets you sit down while you wait, every time I have to go into a NAB branch I feel like I’ve walked 15 years into the past. Inevitably, NAB’s estimated timelines blow out for everything too — when I applied online for a NAB low rate credit card recently, the website offered “60 second approval” just like the ANZ website, but after filling in the online application form, it said “we could not assess your application immediately and will respond within 3-5 days”. What a disappointing customer experience. As it happened, the credit card arrived about 10 days later, on the morning I was set to go overseas. On other occasions, NAB has inexplicably sent replacement cards to me at an address in Glebe that I haven’t lived at for five years, despite having my current details.

NAB is, of course, getting it enormously right in some areas that matter greatly: the abolition of account overdraw fees, dramatic reduction of credit card late fees (down to $5 a month, rather than the exploitative $30 – $50 charged by some banks) and, in January, the abolition of monthly account keeping fees from many account types — including ones with Visa Debit cards.

As I’ve written previously (I love thee ANZ, and yet I am closing thy accounts, and also, D’oh: now available — ANZ Visa Debit Card), banks have trained me well not to go into branches and do my banking online with them, so NAB’s cruddy branches and slow-moving, manual branch processes aren’t a deal breaker for me, because I can do most of my everyday banking online or at ATMs.

Anyway, without further ado, screenshots of NAB’s internet banking on an iPhone. I can also attest that it works well on the Blackberry Bold, but I can’t be bothered remembering how to take screenshots on that — it’s much easier on the iPhone.

IMG_0003 IMG_0001 IMG_0002
IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

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