Firefox: how to disable the backspace keyboard shortcut

Ack, don’t you hate that? You’re working on the best blog post you’ve ever done in your life, then you hit the backspace key to correct a typo, and because you accidentally clicked outside of the text editor before hitting backspace, Firefox thinks you are a retarded Internet Explorer user trying to go back, and sends you to the previous page.

Fortunately, in modern browsers you can usually click ‘forward’ again and your text will still be in the editing box, but it’s not guaranteed. If you want to disable this horrendous overhang from the days when Microsoft decided to reinvent what the backspace key was for, the fix is fortunately very simple.

1. In the Firefox address bar, type about:config
2. In the search box that appears, type browser.backspace_action
3. On the right, double click “0” in the value column and change it to “2” in the dialogue box that comes up.

Voila — you can close that page and the setting is in effect. No more estupido accidental go-backs for you any more.


3 Replies to “Firefox: how to disable the backspace keyboard shortcut”

  1. Thank you! This has a not insignificant amount of my time rewriting forum posts. And they are never the same quality the second time around!

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