Knead in Hawthorn: I’ve found the perfect bakery.


Knead Bakers in Burwood Road, Hawthorn.

I’m almost tempted not to post a review because I don’t want half of Melbourne crowding out this place. But I think I have found my new breakfast spot.

The bread and cakes here are just delicious. They use all organic flour, low salt and you can taste the yeast in the breads. Stunning… they’re like the loaves I used to make with nutty, country mill stone-ground flour. Mmm.

The breakfast menu items (available till mid afternoons on the weekends) are equally delicious.

The staff are down to earth and friendly, and the atmosphere is surprisingly calm and quiet considering it’s a bustling bakery — I think all the decorations they have on the walls and around the place soak up the noise, making it a pleasant place to eat (as opposed to those cafes that are full of tiles and noise bouncing off every surface.)

I just can’t recommend it highly enough! (Current favourite: the hot cross buns with real pastry crosses on top… yummmmmmmmmm!)


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