David Richards digs his hole a little deeper

Just days after his appearance on ABC Media Watch, David Richards has posted a story including inaccuracies that could have been avoided with the smallest amount of research.

One of the inaccuracies that caught my eye was about me. According to Richards “Maybe Dan needs another drink before he chokes on his grovelling for Kickstart or a round at the bar from [a vendor] who at one Kickstart event had a bar tab that would break even my expense account.”

Richards (thankfully) doesn’t know me well but evidently got his facts wrong on this one. I don’t drink alcohol (for health reasons) … and I don’t tend to grovel for rounds of mineral water. Nor was I present at these supposed drinks — or possibly even the Kickstart in question (he’s not specific in his story about which event he’s referring to.)

But even if I was, is David really surprised that journos have drinks at conferences on a vendor tab? I’m sure David has been the recipient of plenty of corporate hospitality — I wonder if he feels it has compromised his independence?

Then again, one can’t be sure whether this story was really published by Richards or one of the hackers that have been controlling what is published under his name.

At least now, Richards knows that all eyes in the IT journalism community are on his sites all the time, so if the hackers start posting plagiarised copy again, or stories with gross inaccuracies, we’ll be able to expose them publicly for him so he can correct them.

I imagine vendors are already becoming wary of inviting Richards to any events until he can assure them that the hackers are banished from his sites for good, lest they publish something completely inaccurate or plagiarised, as has happened so many times in the past.


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