Australian tech editor accused of serious plagiarism

Media Watch broadcast an illuminating segment last night on the publisher David Richards, who is alleged to have plagiarised numerous stories from other websites.

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Richards has excused himself from the allegations with the rather implausible explanation that his website has been under the control of a hacker for the last two years. The hacker is supposed to have been hell-bent on publishing other people’s content, with a hastily written standfirst at the top of the articles in an attempt to cover up the fact they’re plagiarised.

Numerous content owners have said they have contacted Richards over the years to complain about their content being ripped off, which pours cold water on Richards’ excuse that he was unaware of the “hacker”.

Whirlpool has had a discussion thread going since 2005 about plagiarism of Whirlpool articles that have appeared on Richards’ websites. One post includes a long list of other articles that the “hacker” has published on Richards’ behalf.