This website is like Digg for restaurant menus


One of the people who commented on my post of last week about how the PR industry engages with journalists was David from If I don’t know a commenter I like to check out their website, and I was amazed and delighted at what I found — a website that’s like Digg for Australian restaurants, which allows restaurants to upload their menus and users to rate and comment on them.

One of the nicest features, which made me laugh out loud, is the concept of “your fridge” — if you like the menu of a particular restaurant you can “stick it to your fridge”. That is gold.


The site also has opening hours of restaurants and integrated Google Maps so it’s always easy to see exactly where they are in relation to you. It looks like Webmenu might be using the old version of Google embeddable maps, as they don’t have satellite view or directions integrated into the map view, unlike the new embeddable maps.

You can also join up “in less than 60 seconds” using an extremely streamlined sign-up form, and the site will remember your home suburb for future restaurant searches.

According to an article in The Australian, republished on Webmenu’s blog, the website is the brainchild of restauranteur Kristian Livolsi, who is 29 years old. (Drats, yet another entrepreneur who has done something more impressive than me by my age… must hurry up and have a brilliant idea that will make me rich.)


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