Telstra, oh puhleeze!

Rod Bruem’s latest spin on Telstra’s Now We Are Talking website:

“While the G9, G11, T4 PR teams are running their anti-Telstra rhetoric, Telstra is running a positive campaign focussed on the future of Australia.”

Telstra is running a positive campaign…? POSITIVE?

Publicly attacking every possible stakeholder including the regulator, the government, the public, customers, competitors, journalists and analysts is a “positive” campaign now?

Rod Bruem… Now We Are Talking Crap.

I don’t mind Telstra claiming that it’s the only company that can deliver a fibre solution; I don’t mind them claiming that they’re being unfairly regulated. It’s within the boundaries of the kind of nonsense you expect to come from a giant monopolist.

But to run a bleating, vicious, negative campaign over several years and then try to call it positive… takes ‘suspension of disbelief’ to a new level.


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