I laugh at your web 2.0 names

I’m evidently not the only one who has been scratching his head in bemusement at some of the names emerging for Web 2.0 sites. iLaugh.com has provided a handy translator for what Web 2.0 names really mean.

Some of my favourites from their post:

What it is: “The Web Word Processor.”
What it should be: A ’70s crime-drama featuring a British novelist, as in: “By George! Using your literary skills, you put all the clues together and solved the case!”
“Yes, quite Writely [wink]…”

What it is: “Smart RSS Reader for Outlook.”
What it should be: A prescription drug for sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder.

What it is: “We’re working to bring your IM buddies to you absolutely anywhere.”
What it should be: Alien turds, as in: “Zoltron make meebo on carpet.”

What it is: “The Trusted Professional Network.”
What it should be: A service that removes dog crap from the hood of your Ford Mustang. Hey, it’s happened to me…

What it is: “Your Personal Startpage.”
What it should be: A Dutch charity site. “Caan I aask you a foer aa favoor?”


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