Announcing Web 2.0.1

buzzwordHere’s one for Phil Sweeney at Whirlpool, self-proclaimed hater of “Web 2.0” hype.

From the Ajaxian blog:

We would like to alert you that there’s been a patch release to Web 2.0 to address some minor bugs and address valuable new features. Although this is a minor upgrade, and should not affect your use of Web 2.0, please note the following changes.

  • Bug 84318192-b: We’ve addressed a problem with the automatic product revision system that caused products to be stuck at “beta” level. Please note that many of these projects are actually Version 1.0 (with several at Version 2.0).
  • Bug 84410000: The use of weird names for products is not a bug, it’s a feature.
  • Bug 84435923: There have been an inordinate number of map based applications. This was due to a programming creativity glitch. Shock collars have been distributed.

Read the full post.


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