Warming up to WiMax

I just posted a review of Unwired’s new PCMCIA card on APCMag.com. (My incessant nagging to get a look at one of these finally paid off!)

I’m looking forward to the day my laptop has WiMax built in and can access wireless broadband as easily as WiFi, but the standard is yet to be finalised on paper, and we’ll be lucky to see the first products this side of 2007.

Unwired’s new PCMCIA card comes close to the “WiMax ideal”… plug it in, and Windows recognises it as a WiFi card and immediately connects to the wide area broadband network.

It’s not WiFi though – it’s running Unwired’s WiMax-like Navini Ripwave protocol. There are no heinous proprietory login clients to run though, which means it’s deliciously simple and reliable.

The in depth review is here.


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