Shock: Gusworld prefers dial-up

gusTurns out I was wrong about Angus Kidman, self-professed “excessively well travelled journalist/junket whore”.

He uses dialup most of the time when he is overseas if his hotel doesn’t have in-room broadband.

I don’t know whether that makes me more technologically advanced than Gus or just more of a dopey sucker for paying the ridiculous rates telcos charge for GPRS roaming ($20 per megabyte). I have a sinking feeling that it’s the latter.

[Rant] Four and five star hotels that don’t offer in-room broadband really don’t deserve their star rating in my opinion. It’s a pretty basic necessity these days for both business and personal travellers. The least they could do is invite a WiFi hotspot provider in to install in the hotel and offer a bill-share arrangement…[/rant]

I would have used dialup when I was overseas, but faced two issues:
(1) I had no idea how to find a dialup provider in France (it’s one thing to be able to order a baguette at the local Boulangerie in Saint Germain des Pres; it’s another thing to ring up and organise an internet account and discuss POP phone numbers etc with a Tech Support Frenchman.)

(2) Most hotels seem to have wised up to the scam of using local phone calls to dial in to calling card providers and now time-charge local calls. For example Le Meridien in Singapore was charging 10c per 2 minutes for a local call… that’s $SGD3 per hour just for the telephony part. Not a huge cost compared to GPRS I suppose, but still makes dialup less attractive.

Does anyone (including you wherever you happen to be in the world at the moment, Gus) have any advice on getting dialup access easily worldwide? Is there some website that lists ISPs worldwide, or good-value “roaming dialup” providers?


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